Fraud and Corruption Training investigations & Compliance

We strive to assist our clients in determining their Company's procedures concerning adequate fraud detection and deterrence methods. The aim is to highlight weaknesses, if any, in the existing system. A potential review by our certified fraud examiners would also provide management with recommendations for proactive fraud policies.

Cooperate Training

We make the effort to understand your business and then provide customised corporate training solutions to meet both group and individual needs. We pride ourselves on our training expertise and high levels of service delivery. In addition, our monitoring and maintenance solutions ensure that desired training results are actually achieved. Ropmak provides learning and development consulting services to large corporate clients.

Bussiness Consulting

Our Risk Management Strategy involves the identification; prioritization, treatment, and monitoring of risks that threaten an organisation's ability to provide value to its stakeholders, whether increasing profitability and shareholder value for a for-profit entity or achieving programmes specific goals for a non-profit or governmental agency. More specifically, risk management balances risk appetite.

What our clients say

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Thank you for having us and taking us through the Performance Management System or should I say Performance Optimisation in a different manner. I now see things differently. We will let you know when we need help.And yes Ropmak training , you are ‘DIFFERENT’.

Performance Optimisation ConsultantGroup Organisational Development

Ropmak training thank you ever so much for a very insightful workshop much appreciated. It was PMS on steroids really such high standards.

CAS -Human Resource Manager

Let me take this opportunity to thank Ropmak for a very informative training. We did enjoy the session and the part that I like most is on the video clips, they are so practical.We will keep in touch.

CA(L) Bursar

I agree with my colleagues that we had a unique experience of a new Performance Management Systems approach focussing on optimisation through that training. We came back refreshed. Thank you for the insight.

Rector a.i. Centre for Accounting Studies

About Us

Ropmak Business Innovations (RBI) is a Cooperate training, Investigation and consulting company, RBI’s primary role is to promote management skills and fight fraud and corruption across Africa, exposing African companies to business best practice from all corners of the globe. It also acts as an important bridge between the private and public sectors.

Independent, non-political, RBI serves as a platform for the free exchange of management and investigation ideas and experience, bringing together managers, Investigator and organisations from all walks of life. It is also a development Company, committed to enhancing and maintaining high professional standards.

Company Insights

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